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This is harder than I thought, getting back here, two months have passed and I haven’t posted anything, one month since I came back from my vacation, which I was so excited to write about but then real life happened with a dash of laziness and now it is June and no posts yet! I don’t even know what to write in this one but I am writing anyway just to begin with, to stick to this project, the other day I was reading a favorite blog of mine called “Paris Apartment” in where she said and I quote ” it’s been a while and i know you know that it’s impossible to write unless we’re truly inspired.” and it got me thinking which way should I choose: to write only when I am inspired or to to have a routine to write every week which will create inspiration….I think for me the second option is better because I know that I am the kind of person who may feel inspired and do nothing about it and just be strict with myself when it comes to write something. like now I am writing this though if you asked me at the beginning what am I writing about I would have just simply shrugged my shoulders. Sometimes all it takes is just to BEGIN.



The soundtrack of this post : Julien Doré – Sublime & Silence 


If you are interested in reading the original post of the Paris Apartment here it is



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