A Gift for you

The last time I have been here, had been in April, that is 3 months ago, I don’t know how the time had passed, summer is like that, tricky, although the days are longer but they pass rather quickly, and then it is all done.

And because it is summer, and the days are long with some reaching 40C like yesterday, I find myself locked up inside my room under the AC, with my camera in my hands passing the hours taking pictures of everything inside, and so the star of my shoot yesterday was an orchid, a surviving, battle scared orchid, who came to die many times I am sorry to say last year, and had been moving in every room and window in the house , searching for its home, till it founds the perfect location with its perfect light, the proud place of the sink, yep from all the nice corners in the house it had to pick the sink in the kitchen, and there it flourished, and returned from the death, and now she is blooming, all 7 blooms, oh the joy of seeing those buds bloom early in the morning, one after one, day after day, and so you understand why would I spend hours with this plant , taking pictures of it, and I thought it would make an appropriate gift to apologize for being absent this year, who ever reads this, i don’t think there is many of you out there but not the less i hope you like these flowers.


IMG_8880 ed









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