January Yellow

This weekend was colored in lemony yellow, a bit of  bright yellow to scare the winter grey skies, as all great weekends begin, with a cup or maybe two of coffee alongside a buttery, golden honey toast, we ventured outside taking advantage of the sudden burst of blue in the sky, following the source of the bright yellow color, the lemon tree, that stood in full glory of green leaves ladened with the gleaming fruit, and we start the picking, the moment you pick the first lemon, the citrus smell fills the air, fresh and clean, and it lingers on your hand for the rest of the day, how lovely! it is a known fact, that the ripest, freshest, sweetest fruit are to be found on the highest and furthest branch, and so how to get that one lemon up, up the tree? we climbed up a bit, shook the tree a bit and when we got beaten by the tree, we brought up a ladder and a hook and after a couple of attempts, the last lemon was picked and in the basket it went.now to the kitchen, for the lemons to be squeezed, then added to olive oil and home made pasta for lunch! the rest will be used to make some lemon cake with the tea later that day. Such a happy day!







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