A Morning Prayer


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“Our Father, thank you for letting me see this New Day.
Thank you that you didn’t allow the bed I lay on last night to be my cooling board, nor my blanket my winding sheet.
Guide my feet this day along the straight and narrow, and help me to put a bridle on my tongue.
Bless this house, and everybody in it.
Thank you, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen”


I just had to share this beautiful prayer that I had read today by the phenomenal woman herself Ms. Maya Angelou, I am in the first chapters of her book “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” and I am smittened by her writing, by her use of words, her adjectives like ” caterpillar green” or “sensed a wrongness around me”, I can never have the vocabulary to describe Ms. Angelou or her writings, I will leave that to the critics and writers, but when you read something so moving as that prayer and you have this urge to share this kind of beauty with others, i think that says a lot.

This particular prayer was said every dawn at 4:00 o’clock sharp by Maya Angelou’s grandmother to start her long day at the Store, she sums everything in those few lines, she is grateful for living, she knows how precious this little life is, how quickly it could slip through our hands without even knowing it, to wake up to a new day is a Blessing itself. It means you are alive, you are given a new chance in this world, and you better seize it. She knows that life has its ups and downs, some days easy, some days not so much, but you still walk forward. She knows you are the only one responsible for your words, and your actions, no one else is, so be careful, be smart, think before you say or do. And she ends by asking the blessings to what matters most to her, her family, her home, the core of her life.


A beautiful little prayer.






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