Around the Garden

It is the middle of September, and the garden is still full of life, though some trees are turning yellow, some are just beginning to have their fruit ripen, I am going to guide through smells and textures.

Our stroll start with the pungent smell of ROSEMARY…

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This stalky herb reminds you of Sunday family dinners…maybe chicken with grilled vegetables. you rub your hand with one sprig and the smell lingers on.

We are walking in between the shadows of the trees, some are still holding to their green leaves as much as they can, they even still holding to their wrinkled, sun baked fruits, they have not finished yet.


Some trees like the LEMONS AND OLIVES are just flourishing, this is their season now, their time for the spotlight, soon the olives will be picked and pressed for extra virgin olive oil, or maybe pickled and stored in your kitchen.

As for the yellow lemons they will be used in cakes, muffins, salads and cooked with fish and chicken, they smell fresh and clean when you hold them or better scrape them so that their oils are out.

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We are moving, your eyes search the ground, looking for a pattern of the yellow leaves falling quietly,softly,they are not crunchy yet, your feet make no sound when you walk on them, they are not crisp enough , you stop,between the yellow you find a jewel…a bright red jewel…POMEGRANATE ! you pick up it, this will be great on an autumn salad or maybe with yogurt for breakfast.


The wind picks up…and a whiff of something familiar…you close your eyes…think…remember…it is JASMINE…you follow the smell…and you find this haunted room.


You pick some of these delicate flowers to bring back home, your companion is getting tired, she wants to go home, you say goodbye and leave.

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