A change in the air

Although it is still hot , and summer is still lingering on in these parts of the world, but you can still feel a change is coming, the changes are slow and small, but you still can feel them if you were absorvant enough. Autumn is seeping in slowly, it is in the intensity of the blue summer skies that are no longer clear and stark, it is now dotted with white feathery clouds that cast beautiful shades across the land, the mid summer blues are turning into something a bit darker more azzure like than baby blue, and the end of the days are becoming more berries and indigos, now close your eyes and feel that breeze on your face, feel how cool it is and refreshing , the breeze itself is an Autumn sign, instead of the stifling, dry days.And for me personally it is having my terrace back, and I couldn’t be any happier, when the heat reaches 36 C every day, you won’t dare to get out of your room, but since September started, I am spending every hour after work on that terrace, reading, drinking coffee and tea, taking pictures, taking naps, having meals,….until the sky is completely dark and I have to go inside, these are the best days when slowly cotton scarves starts to appear when the sun goes down, throws are being seen around…yes there is definitely a change in the air.

currently reading 
so quiet..shhhh

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