Time is a Thief

-And the purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most

Do you catch yourself sometimes, thinking how did you start at the beginning of the year? a lot of self promises, a to do list of pages, so many things to get done and scratched off, so full of hope and excitement, such a positive energy! and then you catch yourself in the middle of August, that is two third of the year, had passed and only 4 months left!!!!     panic strikes in! the cliche of “where did the time go?” doesn’t quite cut it, in this particular revealing moment. how come is it August? HOW???? and your mind races forward in time, oh my God my birthday is coming next, and then christmas then new year and then pufffff 2016 ended and I haven’t began my list yet, and then you move 10 years ahead in your mind and then 20 and you are wondering how you going to look then? will I have children then? will I be in the same place, same work? am I going to die alone? yes ladies and gentlemen that’s your mind power which can generates all this madness, from the simple question “what is the date today??? ” and the dreadful look at your office calendar. 

And so trying to calm my thoughts down, I decided that at least I can do ONE thing on my list in trying to prove that I still have got this and still got plenty of time. And so here comes the part related to the color quote above, for this year I wanted to create more, in all forms that I can think of , and one of my favorite things are quotes and quotations in beautiful designs, so I decided that whenever I read a quote whether from a magazine, a book, or online I would turn it to this thing above (I don’t know what they call them) and so I have been working on that since.

Now this quote here is something I read from the Oprah newsletter and just loved (I am such a color person, black and white are not my best friends) and so I thought I share this one with you, hope you like it.




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