Ocean View

When was the last time you did something for the first time? it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, it is that feeling that there are still some things left in this life that needs to be discovered, that life holds yet a bit of mystery.

I am glad that there is a list of firsts that needs to be done in my life, which means I have that sparkle of childhood curiosity in me, I can still wonder and imagine, feel like a kid again, that excitement, that thrill of not knowing.

Please don’t assume from what you have read above that I might have climbed a mountain or that I have learnt how to play the harp, no it is much simpler than that, much normal than that, I have seen an ocean for the first time, yes that ordinary, I have never seen an ocean in my life, till last month during my trip to Ireland, and it was amazing, of curse as everyone I have seen seas, lakes, rivers but the ocean is something else, the Atlantic took my breath away, its vastness, limitless, an infinity.

Where I live the geography is so different, more mountains and drylands, you are always surrounded, there always something to block your sight a cliff, a hill. there is a limit but the ocean your eyes won’t find that end, it goes on and on.

It is all about perspective I guess, to appreciate what you have and what you take for granted, because what you have is what someone else covets and dream about.

so yes on our 3rd day in Ireland, we met the Atlantic and a lot of pictures were taken to memorate the occasion, and a lot of cliches were done too: writing on the sand, running away from waves, collecting shells, jumping around, dipping my toes (it was too cold to swim, that’s for another trip) and just enjoying the moment. Iis a memory i will cherish for a very long time.





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