A Postcard from Cork



So our train is late, one hour late. Though we had came half an hour earlier to our Cobh train to avoid any surprises, and though the departure panel said the train is on time so did our ticket, but once we had approached the gate entrance #2, the station conductor simply said no, this is not your train, your train is at 11 and not at 10, at first we thought we simply didn’t read the panel right but then all the other passengers were surprised as well, in normal situations I would be furious but when one travels it seems all the worries and cares of the world are forgotten, so what to do instead? get out of the station, and simply wander down the street, the clouds gave away a bit for the sun to come, the street was completely quiet for it was Sunday and everyone still asleep and just walk, take a few pictures, you have all the time in the world and an hour had passed by.

And that is how this picture came to be.  



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