Off the Bucket List…

#63: The Long Room at the Old Library of Trinity College.

I am a dedicated reader to any article that starts with a list of things you have to see before you die or the 30 things to do before you turn 30 or the 20 best hotels you must visit and so on. And so one of my favorite lists had always been the libraries/bookshops you must visit in the world and so most of these places took place in my bucket list next to the 90 countries I wish to visit !!! 

Hence, let me present to you number 63: The Long Room in the library at Trinity College in Dublin. taaarrrrraaaaa…



Isn’t this magical??? more than 200,000 beautiful leather bound books cover the wooden shelves from floor to ceiling in this majestic room, ah how I wished I could put my hands on one of those books, to have a quick peek, read a page or two, but unfortunately that couldn’t be done, but I could take pictures and of that I did a lot!


I could have stayed there for the whole day, hiding from the summer showers of that Sunday! but I can’t complain of the few hours I spent in there, just taking the whole atmosphere in, the smell of old rare collections, the white marble busts of long ago famous philosophers and writers, the elegance of the reddish brown wooden shelves, everything invites you to stay just a bit longer, linger for a while.





And so it is official #63 is off the bucket list 🙂



p.s I kept the date stamp to be a witness of my visit (i can’t help it, i am a nerd 🙂 )


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