Laundry Wash

My freshly washed, sun-dried clothes lie in neat piles on my bed. All the mud, sand, rain traces have been washed away, and nothing of the last 2 weeks is there. I look at them and I still can’t believe that 2 weeks ago I was In Ireland hiking my way through that green emerald island. I have done so many things there, seen so much, that I haven’t time to absorb it. You come back home and everything happens so fast, family and friends comes to see you, all the chocolates and souvenirs had been given and gifted, the luggage emptied, aired and then stored, the souvenir magnets – this time it is a very green happy leprechaun in a pot of gold – are placed on the fridge, and the last thing left to do is to wash all your clothes that have been with you on your journey.the next day you are back to work and like nothing happened! thank God for the 1000 something pictures – no, I am not kidding, a 1000 and some more – that I have on my camera to remind me of everything I did, saw and ate!


The beautiful thing about traveling is each day is so different from the day before, every day there is something new, new places to see, new meals, new tastes even new faces, no 2 days can be the same, every day is literally is a new day, a new adventure awaiting! there is so much excitement in waking up every morning!


And then all that excitement is suddenly disappears and you find yourself doing laundry again, I guess you need the normal to appreciate the extraordinary more! Ah what I am saying? I Love to travel all the time :))))





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