Back to Ireland

Nothing is set in stone. nothing is.

I start my new years and the months of January watching out for signs; signs to lead me to my new destination for this year, what and where will I be exploring this year, my new place to see and know, the signs could be anywhere, a song in the radio about a city, a clipping I cut some years ago that I kept in some back drawer or a Pinterest board, the source does not matter, the destination is.

So this year the compass spinned towards Ireland, with its untamed wilderness and all those shades of green, but somehow (as not to make this post too long), the trusty signs were forgotten and the logical, reasonable choices were taken.

And so since february I have been planning on going to Belgium, maps were spread, cities across the land of chocolate and lace were picked, airplane tickets booked, even an amazing airbnb flat in Bruxelles was booked and paid for! but it was not meant to be, work projects got in the way, nothing went smoothly, reservations mixed ups, flights canceled and rebooked, and to finish it all was that black, sad day in March. Nothing felt right about this trip, and so a decision was made, we are not going to Belgium, we are going to IRELAND, yes back to Ireland.

That is why now I am sitting surrounded by piles of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde books, my board is overflowing with pictures of irish cliffs and castles, hiking trails and names of pubs that must be visited. And my subconscious now is filled with pictures like these









Do you have any recommendations for me? any where special that I JUST HAVE TO VISIT?

p.s : all pictures are from



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