The Oak Woods

The oak woods seem to be in a conflict last weekend, although it is in the middle of October, the bright sun seems to make an appearance almost every day, warm enough for the birds to chipper happily all day, the clouds come and go but all in white showing no shades of grey at all, and that left the woods in a confusion, you look down at your feet, and the ground is covered with brown acorns and spiky leaves that have decided that they won’t wait any longer and they will make the change themselves and so turned into slumber soft yellow and fallen gracefully to the ground. but then you lift your head up and the sky is summer blue no cloud in sight, the tops of the oaks are green, dark green who still feel the sunshine on their leaves and still believe it is but a beautiful June day.

And so the oak woods are living in opposites but strangely in harmony.

20151016_093902E 20151016_111729E






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