August Obsession

August started with a heat wave, that compelled me to sit tight at home all week, slouching under the Air condition unit, passing time in front of every digital screen/device possible, but as summer is known for its long evenings, one can’t watch TV or read forever, so i started snooping around the house, looking for something to do, and in the kitchen I found what to be my august obsession, my – not so small – cooking book collection, it is something I picked from my mom who has been a collector of cookbooks for as long as I can remember, though I am no stranger to these books and their recipes but I always went with the desserts sections for action, and just skipped through the other mouthwatering recipe’s titles; till this month, August, when the fridge is full of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. The idea was to choose recipes to cool off, so I started with homemade ice cream and finally yes finally used that ice cream maker that had been sitting in the cupboard for ages then salads then main meals; every time I was hungry/thirsty I just opened the books and chose a new recipe. And the possibilities are endless, new tastes started emerging, new ingredients are now stored in the pantry, and the best part it all tastes delicious.

And so an obsession began!

P.S during all this time, I’ve never came near the scale in the bathroom, I just hid it behind the door, oh well every hobby has its disadvantages, RIGHT !?!?!


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