Summer spent Reading

I love books, I love buying books, book shopping at bookstores and online and I love it more when it has free international shipping fees all over the world, that is why i always go back to this amazing website  and when sales come, you will find me searching for all those titles that i want to read.

so for this summer, i have chosen the following books to spend my summer evenings eating ice cream and reading 🙂

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I don’t know how I missed this book all those the years, I didn’t even watch the movie under the same title, but what got me to want to read it that I have read an article online that this particular book was removed from the reading lists in some schools in the United States and a lot of parents didn’t want their children to read it, so I thought that this must be some book to be causing all this publicity and as they say no publicity is a bad publicity.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

I am a fan of Bridget Jones’s Diary movies, they can make me laugh every time I watch them, especially the fighting scenes, they are just hilarious , and i have wanted to read the novels for a long time but never did and now they seem the perfect summer read, something to go with the light feel of summer.

Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found

This book seems to be on everyone’s reading list as well as on every must read travelling books, and so now it is on mine, plus I can never resist a travelling book, not ever.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This classic deserves a second read, the first time I read it I was at school, and I believe in Re-reading books many times, I guess each time you read it you will get to discover a new aspect, a new angel, maybe deeper thoughts or different opinions than the last time you have read it. i just can’t wait to discover a new side of this classic.


I have a confession to make I have never read any book by James Joyce, I know I know I have always wanted to but never actually did, it is just there are so many amazing books out there that it gets overwhelming sometimes, what and who to choose. but this time i said enough and so now James Joyce is on the shelf.

The Great Gatsby

Another horrible secret, I have watched the movie and loved it so much (though a lot of people say that the movie ruined the novel), I have to find for myself. I still can’t believe i have never read the great Gatsby till now! shame on me!

what about you? what are you reading this summer?


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