still Am!

I Still am and will always do…. one of my favorite things to do is just wonder around bookshops, you could leave me there for hours, and if they have coffee then forget it, I am staying there for the rest of the day. So it makes sense to me if i love books and books love me to open a bookshop!

A bookshop of my own…

It has to be comfy, cozy and inviting. a place that lures you in, to sit on a comfy couch and just lose yourself in your book for hours….don’t worry the coffee and tea will keep you going.




And the books, those portals for your soul to escape, will be everywhere, from floor to ceilings, around you, beside you to keep you company.

Tills Books


but something is still missing…..8_livraria-lello-porto-portugal

uhhh, yes, the stained glass, for those beautiful sunbeams to enter through the windows and start dancing on the book pages.


One more thing I have promised coffee and tea, where would that be???Exactly here, for you to Enjoy!

And what about me? I will be there, behind the counter, wishing you to come back again 🙂

Leakey’s Bookshop, Church Street, Inverness, UK. It's Scotland’s 1


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