For a Summer to come…
Eighteenth-century cottage in the Cotswolds

An English Summer spent in this cottage will be like…

I will be spending that perfect summer surrounded by luscious green pastures, sitting under 100s years old trees wearing a straw hat and having cucumber sandwiches.

I will be spending hours reading books and drinking endless cups of teas, as the day light shifts i will chase that sunlight through out the cottage rooms, at one time i will be in the kitchen, I will leave my book on the kitchen chair to bake a honey and lavender (fresh from the garden) biscuits.

Summer time will be passed sitting on that white bench watching the English sky changing colors and I will be happy.


* written by a day dreamer on a Monday morning.
** i am not that conventional but a traditional English cottage requires a traditional English activities. 





6 thoughts on “For a Summer to come…

    1. that makes 2 of us Andreea 🙂 i really do hope that you will get to live your dream someday.
      p.s you are the first one to comment to my posts (comment number 1) so happy…that means someone out there is reading my posts 🙂
      you have made my day , thank you!

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  1. Yes, it will be very beautiful! You could light the fire in the evening and sit by it with a nice glass of wine. I’m an expert, I live in the Cotswolds in a lovely cottage just like that and I feel very, very lucky! Who knows…we may have a hot summer, in that case you’ll need a gin and tonic 😉

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    1. at least there is someone who is living that dream :)))))
      you paint a very beautiful evening! here is to gin and tonic one day at Cotswolds. cheers!


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