A Newbie!

Hello World…

This is a new world I am entering, the world of blogging, a blogger, being on the other side of a blog, I am slowly starting to learn the whats and hows, treading slowly, finding my way out.d4f640aabd18718bb3a52ed44163d337

I am still pondering what to write, do I write about one topic in particular or all topics that interests and inspires me, how much should I write about me, do i write every thought that passes my mind or should I stay obscure….too much? too little? the photographs I will be posting are from Pintrest or me? all that I KNOW is that i need a space, creative space, somewhere to express, share all the beautiful things I see, read, hear….this is not a place for making money or trying to be the new best thing, this a place for me.

So hop on this journey with me if you like…and see where it will leads….



*this would be a better reading with a piece of a strawberry cake and coffee 🙂

**and this playing in the background http://8tracks.com/ghoulgangs/sunday-morning

*** Happy First day of Spring!


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